Winter highlights in Jasper

If you book a trip via Snow Sure Deals you’ll be guaranteed to stay a few days at the very heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains: Jasper. It’ll be hard to pull yourself away from Marmot Basin’s many trails but there’s a lot more to Jasper National Park in winter than skiing alone. A winter holiday in Canada isn’t complete without experiencing the highlights we’ve listed for you below!

Ice Climbing

After having experienced all of Marmot Basin’s trails while skiing downhill it might be a fun idea to turn things around and to make your way uphill! During an afternoon of Ice Climbing you’ll get to climb a variety of rocks that have been covered in a thick layer of ice. It’s the ultimate activity for adrenaline junkies! Both rookies and seasoned ice climbers are catered to here as there are different routes. Ice climbing takes place in Maligne Canyon which makes it easy to combine this activity with a hike along the canyons spectacular scenery. Find out all there is to know on this website.

Maligne Canyon Ice-walk

This 3.5 kilometre (2.17 mile) walk will take you on a tour of frozen waterfalls and ice caves. Together with an experienced guide you’ll make your way to the bottom of Maligne Canyon, the deepest (accessible) canyon in Jasper National Park. Water flows freely here in summer but in winter it has returned to its solid state resulting in incredible ice formations along the way. This is an unique experience that is not to be missed! A very pleasant coincidence is the fact that the largest part of this 3-hour journey is downhill. The canyon can be very cold in winter so make sure to dress warmly. Warm boots with spikes are included and will be distributed upon arrival. Click here for more information!

Cold Fire Creek Dogsledding

Just over an hour’s drive of Jasper, in the province of British Columbia and at a small exit of the main road, you’ll find a narrow road in a dense forest. Follow this narrow road until you see a large group of eager huskies jumping about in the snow. Get on the sledge and let these wonderful four-legged creatures take you on a tour of this wooded area. There aren’t many possibilities in Europe when it comes to embarking on a dogsledding tour so if the opportunity presents itself during your stay here we’re convinced that you won’t need much time to make up your mind. More information can be found here!

Winter Wildlife Tour

Winter is a great season for spotting Canadian wildlife. The Winter Wildlife Tour takes you to the lower valleys to discover the natural beauty of the Rockies and the abundance of wildlife that can be found there. Moose, deer, wapitis, bighorn sheep, wolves, coyotes and many other animals can be spotted here. The tour van will slowly drive around the valley during which time the tour guide will help you to spot wild animals whilst also providing you with more information on the lower valleys. This activity can be combined with the Maligne Canyon Ice Walk. Read all there is to know about wildlife tours on this page.

Biking through the nature

Jasper National Park has a number of beautiful cycling routes which’ll see you surrounded by impressive mountains. In summer it is easy to see why this is a popular spot for bicycle and mountain bike tours but winter lends itself for great tours along the national park’s many trails as well. Rent a fat bike, a mountain bike with oversized tires, and discover the snow-covered trails of the national park. Popular routes include the Woodpecker Trail and Cabin Lake Fire Road for novices and the Mina Cabin Loop for more experienced bikers. Do remember to keep a safe distance from any wildlife you might encounter during your tour!

Frosty’s Fat Bike Race
Do you want to partake in fat biking and are you of a competitive nature? During the aptly named Jasper in January, which takes place from January 12 until January 14, the first edition of Frosty’s Fat Bike Race will be held. Frosty’s Fat Bike Race is meant for cycling enthusiasts and adventurers that want to take on King Winter. This will be Canada’s very first fat bike event and cyclists of all levels are welcome to compete, from novices to experts. There are three different races: The Cross Country Race, the Downhill Race and the Endurance Race. If you happen to be in Jasper on these dates, then don’t forget to register!

Snowshoeing, cross country skiing and ice-skating

Skiing in the Rocky Mountains is breathtakingly beautiful to say the least. Every ski run will reward you with a beautiful panorama view of the mountaintops. However, there is a different way to experience and admire the area’s unspoilt nature. Put your snowshoes on for an afternoon to make your way through the dry powdery snow, discover the area’s cross country skiing routes or show off your pace whilst ice-skating on one of the frozen lakes. The possibilities are virtually endless! Find out more about the different activities here.

Jasper in January (11-28 January 2018)

Jasper extends the warmest of welcomes to visitors throughout the year. However, in January the village ups the stakes even more during the aptly named Jasper in January festival. Many winter activities, divided into the categories Art, Food and Adventure, can be enjoyed during the festival. Photo safaris, live music, special menus at restaurants, beer tastings, Frosty’s Fat Bike Race and snow shoeing are but a few examples of what Jasper serves up during its winter festival. The 30th edition of the annual Chili Cook-Off will take place during the festival’s next edition so get ready for a tremendous festival! But that’s not all as visitors can enjoy significant discounts on Marmot Basin ski passes during Jasper in January.

Culinary highlights

Jasper is a small and intimate village which is home to many restaurants that’ll let you pull up a chair both mornings and evenings. Enjoy breakfast at Coco’s Café and have a steaming cup of coffee or end the day at Jasper Brewing Company with an ice-cold beer that is made in the restaurant’s own cellar. Curious how this is done? The owner will be more than pleased to show you his secrets while you savour his beer! Evil Dave’s Grill also comes highly recommended. The family that runs the restaurant calls their fare ‘wicked food’ which in its own right is reason enough to stay for dinner! More info on Jasper’s bars and restaurants…

Chili Cook-Off
The 30th edition of the annual Chili Cook-Off in Jasper promises to be a special one. This event is the perfect way for visitors to get to know Jasper the way the locals know it. Various teams will compete to cook the best tasting chili. However, there is a catch since beans cannot be used in the recipe and it is not allowed to prepare anything before the competition starts! It might be a chili competition but there’s a lot more to it than food alone as all participants’ booths are themed with participants themselves wearing extravagant costumes.

Dark Sky Preserve

In 2011 Jasper National Park was officially designated a Dark Sky Preserve, an area that restricts artificial light pollution at night. As a result, spectacular starlit skies will blow you away at night. You can experience this unique event together with a tour guide but can also take in nature’s extraordinary gift by yourself at various places around Jasper. Four great locations to do so are Pyramid Island, Maligne Lake, Old Fort Point and Athabasca Glacier. And who know, you might be in luck and spot the northern lights! More on the Dark Sky Preserve can be found here.

Jasper SkyTram

You can gaze up at the stars with your feet on terra firma at the national park but you can also try to get a little closer to the stars. The Jasper Sky Tram will take you to an altitude of 2,277 metres (7,470 feet). The so-called Upper Station will give you a mesmerizing panorama view of the national park. The trip takes about 7 minutes and qualified staff is present to tell you more about the sights and to answer any questions you may have. The Jasper Sky Train runs from the end of March until the end of October and the entire trip will take approximately 2 hours. Read all there is to know about the Jasper Sky Tram here.

Jasper's unspoilt nature

Icefields Parkway
Icefields Parkway, a 232-kilometre (144-mile) road through the Canadian Rocky Mountains, is considered one of the most beautiful routes to drive in the world. Both in summer and in winter this trip will take you along vast stretches of unspoilt nature that consist of enormous (frozen) lakes and ancient glaciers. This special travel route will take you from Jasper National Park to Banff National Park and along the way you will come across Bow Lake, Columbia Icefields and (frozen) Athabasca Falls. Read on about Icefields Parkway.

Are you interested in one or more of these tours during your winter holiday? Put in a request for a specific package with a tour operator and inquire about the possibilities to add specific activities and/or excursions to your trip! Tour operators that are affiliated with Snow Sure Deals will be only too happy to help you make your dream winter holiday come true!

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