5 reasons to spent your winter holiday in Canada this year

It is abundantly clear, Snow Sure Deals loves Canada! The country is very diverse, has gorgeous countryside, friendly people and during the cold winter months you’ll literally find yourself in a veritable winter fairy tale. This is what it’s all about: winter. Why go to the Alps again when the Canadian mountains can be reached in nearly the same time for nearly the same price? We’ll give you 5 good reasons why Canada should be your winter holiday destination this year!

Powder snow

There are many things to consider when going on a winter holiday. How many slopes are there? Is the destination easy to reach? Are there enough runs for skiers of my level? However, the most important question remains: what is the quality of the snow like? The latter especially is the reason why Canada, and the province of Alberta in particular, is high on our list of favourite winter sports destinations. The Canadian Rockies are known for the fine powder snow that can be found here. This snow remains powdery and dry since it doesn’t suffer from precipitation. This, in turn, makes that the runs don’t turn into a wet and slushy mess or into slippery slopes. The snow retains its perfect quality for days on end which makes that you will still be able to enjoy the dry powder snow after a period of 4 days.

Peace and quiet

Frequent visitors of the ski resorts in the Alps know that busy days mean queueing up and waiting your turn to take the ski lift back up again. In Canada, and in Marmot Basin in particular, things are rather different. Queues at the lifts are very rare. The moment you arrive at the foot of the mountain you can get into the lift again straight away without having to wait another minute for more ski fun. Peace and quiet can be experienced on the slopes as well which’ll have you spend less time focussing on the antics of other skiers. Apart from the 86 ski runs you can use just about the entire mountain to make your way down again. This means that you’ll have a whopping 678 hectares (1675 acres) of terrain at your disposal! This way, off-piste descents will often have you discover unspoiled powder snow on the mountains on which you can leave your marks.

The Canadian Rockies

We very much understand that your focus will be on skiing and/or snowboarding during your winter holiday. However, the fact that these sports can be enjoyed at the very heart of one of the most beautiful national parks in Canada is an added bonus. A winter holiday to Jasper National Park in the breathtakingly beautiful Rocky Mountains means that you’re in for a winter adventure second to none both on and off your skis. Jasper National Park is characterised by its spectacular (frozen) lakes, its enormous Rocky Mountains, its countless trees and its diverse wildlife. You’re guaranteed to see more than just ski slopes during your stay in Canada and you’re bound to experience a great deal more than ‘just’ ski runs in powder snow!

Winter activities

In winter, Canada is paradise for people with a sense of adventure. It is recommended that you rent a fat bike that’ll let you discover one or more of the area’s many trails. You can also look at things from a different perspective and climb mountains instead of descending them. During an ice climb you’ll climb a frozen waterfall in the Maligne Canyon. You can also opt to take a daytrip on a dogsled which’ll let you experience Canada’s countryside from yet another exciting perspective. But there is still so much more to do! Take a look at the winter highlights in Jasper National Park for even more inspiration!

Affordable and accessible

A winter holiday in Canada has never been more affordable and is now more within reach than ever before. People are often still under the impression that a winter holiday to North America is a costly affair but nothing could be further from the truth! Take a look at our deals page and discover our great value and unique winter holiday deals for yourself. Starting this winter, SunDog Tours’ shuttle bus will offer a seamless connection with KLM’s flights. This way there’ll be no need to wait which’ll get you to your destination even quicker!

These are but five reasons why you should make Canada your winter holiday destination this year. If you would like to combine your winter holiday with a few days in Edmonton, then make sure to read on about all of the activities that the city of Edmonton offers its visitors in winter!

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